Will the Coin Industry Ever Crash?


It’s a very difficult question to answer. Some may argue that all investments crash one time or another. It’s clearly obvious because the physical evidence is there. The stock market, real estate, all sorts of businesses, and all sorts of industries have all crashed one time or another. But the coin market has never done that. There is also strong evidence to show that it may never crash.

I guess it’s possible that it could crash in the future. But the fact that it has never crashed makes a strong argument that it may never crash. Many people argue that it hasn’t doesn’t mean that it won’t. It is a free market right? The way I see it, the stock market and the real estate market has crashed countless times in the past. But coins have held strong. There are down times and there are up times in the coin market. But there aren’t any crashes on record.

I think that a lot of other investments crash because of over inflated prices. They push it way beyond the normal point coin market cap. Eventually the bubble has to burst because prices cannot continually go up like that. This happens a lot with stocks and with real estate prices. Sometimes it happens even when prices are slightly inflated. This has never happened with coins.

I don’t think coins may ever crash because the market sets the prices and not the other way around. The whole coin market is completely controlled by buyers and sellers. So some of the bogus/outrageous prices you see are actual bid and ask prices. They are outrageous but they are not inflated. This is what keeps coin investments from falling apart.

During times when economy is down, many investments and businesses go down. Coins on the other hand are different. When economy does down, certain coins go up in value. Sometimes they even shoot through the roof! It is for this main reason that coins may never crash. The coin market always shows strong activity regardless if the economy is up or down. It is very different from many other markets and many other businesses. When economy goes down, so does the stock market, the real estate market, and many other types of businesses and industries. But when other markets and businesses are crashing, the coin market could be smoking hot! So do I think the coin market will ever crash? I don’t think anytime soon.

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